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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Matt Finch Month, S&W box set!?


Ok not really.  I made this box myself to carry all the Swords & Wizardry goodness.  Very basically done with an old Xanth game box I have had for 20 years, some black spray paint, and color laser printed stick on labels.  It did not come out as well as I hoped, but it is still kind of cool none the less.  It holds the core rules, monster book, Tomb of the Iron God, Ice Tower of the Salka, The Spire of Iron and Crystal, Adventure Design Deskbooks volume one and two, Eldritch Wierdness Compilation, 15 character sheets, and the referee screen charts.

The inside:

And the back; notice the blue that did not get painted :)

I was going to wait till NTRPG con next year to bring this puppy into the public light and wow all the gamers in the S&W games, but in honor of M.F. Month, decided to post it.

Fun stuff!