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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Between Session Communication

This past weekend my Valnwall campaign just finished our seventh session.  At an average of 10.5 hours each, that is 73.5 hours or their lives they will never ever get back!  :)  We have character levels of two (2), three (3), and four (3).

I sent an email to all the players for feed back, critique, constructive criticism, or plain ole gripes (or kudos).  I wanted to give the players a chance to let me know what they thought, and more so, to help me as the LL\DM.  Alas as seems common, I did not get many replies.  I did get a few "having a great time" or "its great keep it up" statements, but I was really hoping for more "constructive criticism" type remarks.  What would make the game more fun or interesting?  "You always seem to pick me when there is a random happening."  "You stink at funny voices."  "The world needs more spidergoats."  Some things like that would be nice as well.

It does appear that when trying to communicate between sessions via email that some people are almost allergic to it.  Seems strange that most of us use it every day in our work and personal lives.  Sometimes too much.  Perhaps that is a reason for NOT using it in between face to face sessions, separation of work and hobby life.

I suppose I will soldier on, and hope there is not a player mutiny brewing in the shadows.  :)


  1. Just trust that you are doing a good job and the players are having fun. If they didn't enjoy themselves they wouldn't have invested 73+ hours in your campaign.

    I think it's good to check in with your players around the 7th or so session. Make sure that everyone is having a good time, that the game is going well, any rule adjustments, etc.

    I think that type of dialogue can keep the game going for a long time.

    Oh, I did get the 'I suck at funny voices' comment 'cause I do. So I'm working on that!

  2. Hey the first commenter on ye ole blog. Thanks bliss_infinite! :)

    Yes I know what you mean, but I figure there is always room to improve the players experiences. I am always way more critical of myself than I am of others, so thanks for the suggestions.

    Also, I said most did not respond with much. I have one player (we will call him DG) who is always has a ton of stuff to say in between sessions.

    Heya DG if you are reading this! ;)