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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This is only a little over a week away, and I am pretty pumped about going.  I have signed up for a lot of Swords and Wizardry and a Expert game with Steve Winter as the DM.  I am expecting much fun to be had!

Now one thing that I have to admit, I have NEVER played an RPG at a convention.  Blasphemy?  Perhaps!  I only started going to conventions to play miniature war games about 8 years ago, competitive tournaments and friendly fun games.  RPG's were always reserved for the game group only.

This may be because I always assumed that games at conventions were competitive!  I thought everyone was scored and there was a "winner" and then of course "the losers".  I did not want my RPG to be scored and graded.  I thought that would ruin the game!

Of course now I know differently, that not all, even most, are NOT competitive point graded games.  This makes me a very happy dude!  :) 

I am counting the days, and plan on cruzin on into Dallas sometime Thursday afternoon, in time to get settled and play the first session.

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