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Friday, May 21, 2010

Valnwall Campaign, the players! (and NPC's)

Edgar OakenShaft, Paladin and Champion of Thaxon
Edward OakenShaft, Cleric and Judge of Thaxon
Malden Heartsbane, Professional Adventurer (Thief)
Onyx Blackstone, Magic User, Jeweler and Scholar
Maj. Abner Doubleday, Soldier and tactician
Dinkle Fuzzytuckus, Halfling Pirate cook
Anferny, Thief and trouble maker (missing, last seen months ago)
Tunneltike Blacklung, Dwarf of the Rockbreaker clan, ex-miner
J.B., Warrior from distant lands


Ellinora, Elf of the Blackwood
Terran, Edgar's squire
Dart, Abner's henchman
Gustav Aerospode, Road Warden
Glynt Teakettle, Gnome Illusionist
Morgan Ironwolf, Fighter and love interest of Abner

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