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Friday, August 13, 2010

Quiet on the Blog front

I have not been posting much at all on the ole blog-o-reno.  I expected this.  I am not really a writer and sometimes, I just don't feel like it!  :)

I did just post up the session 9 recap from my local game.  We are now all set for the next session next Saturday.  Of course I have work to do, several hooks and plots are out there, and I do not know which one they are going pursue.  A new player may join us for the next game, another friend of mine who DM's a 3.5 game I am in.  I am excited to get some new blood into the game, it always makes it interesting for me and the normal group.  Here is hoping he brings some good stuff to the table!  I have no doubt he will, he is a very good DM and just a good guy all around.

Session 10 means that the campaign has been going on for 1 year real time!   I am proud of this, as when I started I thought it may just be a one off game when most of the group could not make a session.  It is cool when things take off and run!

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