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Friday, October 8, 2010

Valnwall campaign session 10 recap

**Note possible spoilers for the excellent Matt Finch adventure "The Tower of Mouths" published in Knockspell**

For session 10, we have an excerpt from the Book of Judgments and Guilt, from Thaxon's most holy cleric, Edward Oakenshaft.  These are believed to be notes taken during that last expedition to the Tower of Mouths.

For some silly reason our sneaky little git Anferney really needed to find out what was in the door in the sewers.....he REALLY needed to know. (which I found out more later why,  will get to that).  I was rudely disturbed while studying the teachings of Thaxon by the before mentioned sneaky git asked me for money.  I did not ask why I just gave some money to get him out of my hair so I could finish my studies.  He comes back from what ever he was doing and this is where the excitement starts.  THE DOOR I HAVE TO GO TO THE DOOR! We picked up some new group of hands to help with the heavy lifting.  Mitt and Mu two competing brothers, and an incompetent fella Oaks.  We headed for the nasty sewers.... We got through them with no issues other than the stink to the door.  I was kinda nice I did not have to listen to Edgar whining about being dirty! Oh yeah we had some robe wearing sally that was a hostile to me and the ways of Thaxon until he witnessed one party member almost get cut in half and the light of Thaxon healing his wounds.

The mage did his magic stuff and the door did what a door does…opened.  We climbed up into the hole.  I was severely thumped by a slimy gooey thing (By the light of Thaxon I hate those things.) then that same slimy thing turned, and well Oakes did not last long (RIP Oakes the Oracle).  We continued to work our way and killing the unjust through the bowels of the Tower of Mouths.   Then we found this Rock…so what does one of our group do?  Pick it up of course.  Well the damn thing started talking to everyone.  It started to chatter its blasphemy to me and well the rock = Hamoan (or something like that) and that did not = Thaxon so I told it to shut it and I put it in my pack and we continue on.  At this point I found out why Anferney needed to figure out the door and what was inside it.

While using my money to get in trouble Anferney found himself in a situation he could not get out of.  Not knowing what to do he prayed to Thaxon for help and was delivered from his woes but was compelled to find out what was going on in the tower of mouths.  After I found this out, I was all about smiting this unholy place.

We continued on and found some zombified freako that Mitt with the use of a potion of some kind that controlled this abomination to find the summoning room of some ritual that was well needed to be stopped and destroyed.  So we followed this nasty critter….my hammer blazing looking to do some judging…  to the room and found a leg coming out of a wall and a half rock half stone infidel that was looking for a hammer to the side of it head.  So that silly mage guy Orin Stormycloud (or something like that) started flinging spells out of this little wand of his and created a cloud that stunk and jacked you up if you were in it.  Just ask Mu.  I attempted to with the light of Thaxon to turn the evil critter with no success.  I ran into the fray excited for some smiting of evil.  The dead squishy side of the nasty thing looked to be dead but the stone side was swinging away.  Thinking to myself hammer on stone = damage.  So I started swinging.  I landed some shots he landed one shot I was wavering.  Then the hammer struck and the stone crumbled to the ground and the light and truth of Thaxon brought me through the fight.  Mu and I were almost ready to fall; I walked over to Mu grabbed his shoulder and concentrated and focus my full belief in Thaxon and the power of Thaxon healing power pulsed through Mu and I and we looked like we had not been touched.  Then this silly thing started to come alive in the middle of the room…some rock dude form some other existence started to form and asked why did you summon me, I do not want to be here.  Mu said then go home, it said ok and poof gone.

Oh yeah the rock we put it down busted it up with my hammer and threw it down the poop hole in the sewer. 

So the moral of the story is; if Anferney comes and asks you for money, say NO!

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