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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules released today

Today the somewhat mad scramble for the S&W complete rules went "live", so to speak.  100 signed and numbered hardbacks, and 200 perfect bound soft covers.  There is also a PDF version available.  Check out the Frog God Games website for more details and purchasing.

I have been reading the PDF (you get one when you purchase a dead tree book) and I am impressed.  I was worried...I thought that maybe the game would change from a looks and soul standpoint, but I can see my fears were unfounded.  It is well laid out and the art is is "old school" enough and enjoyable.  Some interesting additions to the "Core" rules as well.  I like it!

Matt Finch did some neat things with the game, and I feel it takes it to the next level for the S&W family of games.  Three versions now, from the beginning and the 3 LBB, those three books with some supplements, to right before the birth of AD&D.  Even a little homage to Holmes basic is inserted in the initiative and combat section.

He also included my play test character in the example of play in the book, along with some others, which is awesome!  My name is right there in the front of the book as well.  Pretty neat. 

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  1. Cool, and just in time for Christmas,might have to check that out..